005.2 Godly Leadership, pt 2 – Servanthood

Leading = Serving

  • Matthew 18:1-4
  • Luke 22:24-27 – Who’s the greatest!?!?
  • John 13:13-15
  • Philippians 1:3-8

Jesus emptied Himself to help the poor – The church should follow that example

Am I willing to walk as Jesus did, as a sacrifice for rebellious, apathetic people?

Confidence = selflessness

You Should Hear My Pastor!

Leadership and spiritual gifting – Ephesians 4

  • Lead by equipping through gifts, not offices
  • Through these gifts, we can see some things the church should be doing
  • Divine order – arranging things within the church according to God’s design
  • Utilizing spiritual gifts brings eternal value
  • Ministry – making disciples; Leaders – equipping saints to make disciples
  • The functioning of gifts builds unity

Leaders should cultivate followers of Jesus, not of themselves

In giving up our privilege, we will be reconciling people to God

How does God make a leader? How does man make a leader?

Cornucopia of pastors!

If you’re not working in your gift, what are you working in?


The live recording of this episode included the song “Authority” by 116 Clique

This episode originally broadcast live on May 1, 2015 on KXEN 1010AM in St. Louis, MO

For more info:


Theme music: “The Resistance” by Josh Garrels (www.joshgarrels.com) licensed by Marmoset Music (www.marmosetmusic.com)


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