006.1 Money!, pt 1: History and Systems

We do a rather quick and broad flyover of the development of money, its causes and effects, and examine economic systems and what they mean for the follower of Christ. All this is to establish context for the next two episodes, where we discuss mammon and the damage of the pursuit of money.

Money itself is deceptive
Who invented money? Who invented economic systems?
Bartering is great! – dealing with actual things with inherent value, while money is a promise of value. The promise of the value is dependent on a societal structure that values the money.

So what’s the big deal with money, anyway?

  • Money makes business easy – bartered goods require effort and care
  • Bartered goods require caring for the earth
  • Bartered goods are created by God. Cash is made by man, and influences people to find things to exchange for money.
  • Money fascilitates a migration away from stewarding the earth, and fascilitates greed.

Modern culture promotes frivolity
“Postponing the crisis” is an epidemic aspect of modern American culture

Songs: “Entitlement” by Beautiful Eulogy, from their album “Sattelite Kite”. It is available at www.humblebeast.com

Other music: “Enough” and “No Better” by Shaun Groves, used by permission of Shaun Groves. http://shaungroves.com/

This episode was originally broadcast live on May 8, 2015 on KXEN 1010AM in St. Louis, MO

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Theme music: “The Resistance” by Josh Garrels (www.joshgarrels.com) licensed by Marmoset Music (www.marmosetmusic.com)


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