006.2 Money, pt.2: MAMMON

Why is the church so concerned with money, and what is mammon? Is it money, an idol, a false god, something else?
If money has so many negative effects, why is the church so obsessed with it?

When Jesus talked about money, He usually wasn’t talking about money.

You can only serve 1 master. The number of masters available to choose from is still up for discussion.
Luke 16:9-13 The mammon of unrighteousness
Mammon is mentioned only 4 times in scripture, and 3 times in this passage.
What is the definition of mammon?

  • If only “money opposed to God”, how can we be faithful with it?
  • If mammon is “treasure or wealth”, what does that mean for you and your loyalties?

Your lordship establishes your stewardship – If you serve the wrong god, you will never receive the TRUE things that are actually yours.

Wealth disparity – is it too big? Is it just? Is it okay and good?
The problem with tax exemption.

Matthew 6:24 – the other mammon mention
“For this reason” – because you will hate one master and serve the other, do not worry about needs, but seek first the Kingdom.

Terry Rants
Does God want us rich or does God want us content?
Things are valued differently in the Kingdom.
Misuse of wealth and oppression causes pain, and the oppressed eventually speak out.
You do not require a middle man to utilize your wealth to care for the poor
Don’t donate garbage
What was the sin of Sodom?

Encourage people with passion and big hearts, before they get sucked into bureaucracy

“Rich Young Ruler” by Derek Webb http://derekwebb.com/track/932321/rich-young-ruler?feature_id=236920

“Enough” by Shaun Groves. http://shaungroves.com/

This episode was originally broadcast live on May 8, 2015 on KXEN 1010AM in St. Louis, MO

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Theme music: “The Resistance” by Josh Garrels (www.joshgarrels.com) licensed by Marmoset Music (www.marmosetmusic.com)


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