015.2 Inner City Ministry, pt. 2 – Division

As ideas of the church and gospel have been culturally affected, so have ideas of wealth, poverty, comfort, justice, etc. All of these are culturally relative.

Nothing compares to an on the ground perspective

There are no easy answers.

America has a long history of a mentality of “disposable lives”. Division and racism is a part of our history that is still in effect today. St. Louis is especially known for division, focused around the “delmar divide”.

Jason is a research expert. Seriously.

The top divided cities in America are also generally on the same side of the Mississippi (or along it) and have been in the news recently concerning racial tensions.

God has given us the answer – sell all you own and give it to the poor, lay down your life for the sake of others.

Song: Shaun Groves – Come By Here, from his album “Third World Symphony”. Used by permission.  www.shaungroves.com

This day in History – Wyoming became the 44th state of the union. Death Valley reached 134 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s the 30th birthday of the .org domain.

We talk about absurd stuff for a while.

Ministering in the inner city context involves encountering lots of red tape that are obstacles for those with the most disadvantage. There is quite a pathway that needs to be laid to assist people coming from prison, chaos, or poverty, and get to stability.

This episode originally broadcast live on July 10, 2015 on KXEN 1010AM in St. Louis, MO

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Theme music: “The Resistance” by Josh Garrels (www.joshgarrels.com) licensed by Marmoset Music (www.marmosetmusic.com)


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