010.2 Sun Ministries, pt 3: Isaiah 61

Isaiah 61 – rebuilding ancient ruins

These devestations are in existance partly because of American public policy to concenrate poverty, largely poor black people.

If God built a new humanity which overcame divisions, should we not be continuing in that work?

Mark Sanford and Jason watched Selma. [https://youtu.be/x6t7vVTxaic] Large scale brutality. There were people fighting and dying for freedom they’re already supposed to have. We have all inherited this history of oppression and have a responsibility to undo it.

Today, the Gospel is largely self-centered. But the Gospel of the Kingdom is one of togetherness, which overcomes differences and knits a new humanity.

The state of most inner cities was primarily caused by racism.

Policing, politics, empowerment cannot wholly solve these problems and heal these wounds. The Gospel of the Kingdom goes beyond salvation, and creates a new humanity living a new life with a new set of values.

Are you walking in the privilege you’ve inherited?

Song: Derek Webb – I Repent

Whose Gospel did you believe?

Two gospels

  • John’s gospel addressed elemental things to prepare for what was coming. More personal, and this “personal savior”, sin-focused gospel became the driving force in modern American Christianity. John’s Gospel is not false, simply not full.
  • Jesus Gospel – The Gospel of the Kingdom. This is outwardly focused because what God is doing is so much bigger than you.

The Gospel does not mean all YOUR problems go away. Simply look at the people in the Bible. Our emphasis must be on the BRIDE of Christ. This is a much bigger picture, and cannot be self-focused.

We cannot force freedom of the Holy Spirit upon someone.

Jesus Gospel brings healing and reconciliation.

Jesus’ Gospel requires us to steward this world with humble service.

Sun Ministries Leadership Center


Not just a big big house with lots and lots of rooms.

The aspect of the ministry which relocates and trains missionaries. Facilitating a missionary movement to the inner cities of America, building faith communities from a position of reformations, utilizing the other tools in the ministry, the Opportunity Center and the Narrow Gate.

Isaiah 58 – The Gospel has been lost, and if you live the lifestyle of fasting, you will repair the path to the true Gospel.

Leadership Center also facilitates the Urban Missions Training http://www.isaiah61initiative.org/UrbanMissions.html

Those in the Urban Missions Training work in the ministry and engage in teaching, training, and testing.

If Jesus has not transformed you, it will be very hard to make disciples.

Pastoring the Community http://www.isaiah61initiative.org/Pastoring.html

How is satan holding this community down?

Engage in prayer, spiritual warfare, and utilizing resources to meet needs of the afflicted.

Utilizing existing services so we don’t have to recreate things and can build partnerships.

Being an ambassador of Christ.

Leadership Center also leads in the community to equip and organize.

Where you are not consecrated, you leave yourself at risk of being attacked and wounded by the enemy.

Caring for each other, our community, and doing it through service, and not for attention.

The Narrow Gate http://www.isaiah61initiative.org/NarrowGate.html

Taking people from oppressed/hopeless to homeownership, by walking with them through obstacles and need.

Helping people start businesses

This episode originally broadcast live on May 29, 2015 on KXEN 1010AM in St. Louis, MO

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