011.1 Sun Ministries, pt 4: Leadership Center and Narrow Gate

Blackhawks won. Boo.

Jason messed with brick.

Isaiah 61:1-3 This is the work of Christ

Those verses address our engagement with God. The following is what happens after that transformation.

The Leadership Center recruits and trains missionaries to minister in urban settings. This usually involves being undone and redone, and coming face to face with ignorances. Most of our days start off with “I don’t know what I’m doing”

Urban Missions Training participants work in our neighborhood, in our businesses, next to missionaries and Narrow Gate participants.

We are come next to serious problems, like family members of our employees being murdered. This is overwhelming.

Song: Heath McNease – Til We Have Faces https://heathmcnease.bandcamp.com/track/til-we-have-faces

Our neighborhood has about 2000 unemployed people (just under 50%). Jason talked to WashU students about economic development. This requires addressing pain, compassion, sacrifice, ministry.

This vision requires different expectations about life, different understanding and expression of the Gospel, different way of functioning as a business and non-profit.

Doctrine is very important, but it should affect your actions. Align your practice with your theology.

Separate ourselves from the patterns of the world and the patterns of our forefathers to seek God’s design.

Song: Shaun Groves – Jesus https://soundcloud.com/shaungroves/jesus?in=shaungroves/sets/twilight

Living in Shared Resources – Sun Ministries missionaries are unpaid. This is not a commune. The environment is shared, items are shared, we supply needs from the same pot of money. We get this vision from Acts 2, and from the teachings of Jesus and the Gospel of the Kingdom. This actually inspires a greater sense of concern for your responsibilities, space, shared items, etc.

Additional music: “In This World” by Enter the Worship Circle. Used by permission of Ben Pasley of Enter the Worship Circle. http://www.entertheworshipcircle.com

This episode originally broadcast live on June 5, 2015 on KXEN 1010AM in St. Louis, MO

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